Q: Why should I use Fispere? A: Fispere offers fast transaction execution within seconds, minimal transaction fees due to highly gas-efficient contracts, and easy trading directly from your wallet.

Q: How does Fispere work behind the scenes? A: When you place an order, it's stored in the trading contract. Fispere's oracle network then processes and prices your order. Profits are paid out from the pool for successful trades, while losses are transferred to the pool.

Q: How are prices determined on Fispere? A: Fispere functions like a decentralized OTC trading desk. Your orders are filled based on quotes from the oracle network, taking into account market conditions and volatility.

Q: What is leverage and how does it work on Fispere? A: Leverage on Fispere amplifies your buying power, affecting both profits and losses. You can select the desired leverage for each trade, with the option for zero leverage (1×).

Q: How is profit calculated on Fispere? A: Profit or loss is calculated by the percentage change in price multiplied by your position size. For example, a 10% increase in BTC/USD results in a 1 ETH profit on a 10 ETH long position.

Q: How is the liquidation price calculated? A: A position becomes at risk of liquidation when it reaches an 80% loss.

Q: How can I use Fispere? A: Fispere is accessible on networks like BNB Chain and Arbitrum. You can use it through the Fispere Ecosystem or by running the FIS UI on your local machine.

Q: Can I trade programmatically on Fispere? A: Yes, Fispere's contracts support permissionless interactions, enabling programmatic trading.

Q: What should I do if my order disappears on Fispere? A: If your order disappears, it might be due to the inability of the oracle network to fill it, possibly because of insufficient pool balance. You can cancel your order directly through the contracts.

Q: Who is behind Fispere? A: Fispere is built and maintained by an anonymous team of internet professionals.

Q: Where can I ask more questions or provide feedback about Fispere? A: For further inquiries or feedback, connect with community members on Fispere's Telegram and Twitter channels.

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