POOL & FARM Interface

Fispere’s updated Pool & Farm interface offers a streamlined overview of all token pairs, making it easy for users to navigate through various incentivized Pools, Farms, and Super Farms. Key features include:

  • Overview of All Farms: A comprehensive look at all active farms.

  • SuperFarms: Detailed information about high-yield SuperFarms.

  • Personal Pools: A summary of pools owned by the user.

  • Pool Creation: Users can create new pools by selecting token pairs.

  • Pool Import: Functionality to import pools not visible in the UI.

  • Search Functionality: An easy-to-use search bar to quickly find preferred pools or farms.

  • Sorting Options: Capability to sort Pools/(Super)Farms by APR or Liquidity.

  • Detailed Pool & Farm Guides for user assistance.

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