Fispere introduces a single-side staking feature for its FIS tokens, enabling users to earn rewards without exposure to impermanent loss (IL) risk.

  • Staking V1: Stake FIS tokens and earn rewards with no fixed staking duration.

  • Staking V2: Novel game-theoretic staking options like Sunshine & Rainbows (SAR) for tokens like PFL, PSB, and PBAR.

  • Detailed Guides: Informative guides on the staking process and SAR algorithm.


Fispere's governance structure allows token holders to vote on key proposals or delegate their votes, ensuring a decentralized and democratic decision-making process.

  • Platform Proposals: Vote with FIS tokens on various platform proposals.

  • Comprehensive Voting Guides: User-friendly guides explaining the voting process and how to effectively use voting rights or delegate them.

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